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10/18, Try-Athlon Overnighter 10/18, Try-Athlon Overnighter


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10/18, Try-Athlon Overnighter

Posted on Tue, Oct 7, 2014

Are you ready for some fun and games, and maybe even a little CAMPING!!!! If you are then come join us at the Archdiocese Campground to test your athlete prowess on Saturday and bring your tent and stay for the night! If you have no interest in the athletics, then join us for dinner and the campfire program and the camping. If you are not into camping or athletics, then just come for the campfire. Scouts will get the most out of the weekend however, if they do it all, but its your families choice. The quasi-athletic events will begin at 2:00pm and will probably end at 4:30pm. The events will begin with some basic calisthenics followed by bobbing for apples, apple on a rope, sack races, an obstacle course, a rope swing, and many of the athletic challenges found in the Bear handbook (leg wrestling, arm wrestling, crab crawl, etc). Click here for additional details or online payment. If you have any questions please contact the outing leader Maria Bagley.

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